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OT was created by a team of veteran software industry professionals that have a passion for problem solving, sports, and technology. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to find and attract the talent that wins championships.

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Schools we are working with include:

OT Scout


Work Disconnected

The iPad software is fully functional without an internet connection. On a plane? In a remote area? International prospect? On a plane to an international prospect in a remote area? You can still get all of your work done.

Voice Notes

Tell the staff what you think of a player or leave any other note. The days of typing or handwriting a note are gone. This also works without an internet connection.

Share and Sync

When you do have an internet connection, the application will upload your updates (data and voice notes) to every other coach and staffer, and you will get a refresh of their data.

Historical and Analytical

Want to see how a prospect's stats have changed over time? Want to see the board as it looked two years ago to compare to how players turned out? We thought ahead and built in that functionality.

Native iOS

Because we wrote a native iOS app, you can use our app in a way that mimics other apps you use on your iPad. It's easy to use, and does not feel like a web page squeezed into an iPad.

Measure Your Way

Your custom recruiting process includes custom evaluations. That's why our system is completely customizable based on what you want to track. Each position group can have different stats. Heck, even the position groups you want to use can be different.

OT Recruit


Fully Featured

We designed OT Recruit to have all the features for tracking the recruiting process. Included are a phone application, calendars, contacts, high schools, communication logs, social media, and all the data fields you need.

Use Microsoft Office

Grab your data from Excel with our custom Excel add-in. Also create letters and other documents from within Word with our custom Word add-in. You don't even need to open our app to be productive!

Questionnaire and Ticket Portals

Whether we build your recruiting website or not, we give you portals athletes can use to request tickets (or attendance to Junior Day or any other event) and to fill out valuable recruiting information.


Part of our implementation is building reports for your organization. Sure we have some reports that we know you'd want, but we will develop unlimited new ones you need at no extra charge.


Who wants to see coach, prospect, and roster data all in the same app? The Footballscoop Coach Tracker data (current) and LAS Teamworks data (planned) are integrated for programs that also use those services.


One of the best things about our solution is it comes from our programmers, who have been creating custom databases forever. If you need tweak or two, who better than us to help you with that?


About Us

Our team brings decades of experience solving a wide range of technical, workflow, and creative issues. We have worked on insurance company, banking, and homeland secruity systems. Best of all, our team of software engineers, graphic designers, and consultants are here, with us, at our office.

Mike Thrower

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Patrick Rills

Chief Technology Officer

Brooke Bramlett

Vice President


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